28 October, 2010

SWET1 - Swedish Workshop on Exploratory Testing

Högberga gård, October 16-17, 2010 

Participants: Michael Albrecht, Henrik Andersson, James Bach, Anders Claesson, Oscar Cosmo, Rikard Edgren, Henrik Emilsson, Ann Flismark, Johan Hoberg, Martin Jansson, Johan Jonasson, Petter Mattsson, Simon Morley, Torbjörn Ryber, Christin Wiedemann

Several very nice accounts of SWET1 have already been given, but now that two weeks have past I feel ready to share my personal reflections on the weekend.
I had never participated in something similar before, and was unsure of what to expect. I did have rather high expectations, but the even so I was overwhelmed by the sheer intensity of the discussions. There was so much energy and so many ideas and thoughts flying around that by the end of the first evening I was suffering from a total intellectual meltdown and had to go to my room and install some mind map softwares to relax...

The whole following week my brain was infested by a swarm of ideas bouncing around inside my head, but by the second week it had started settling down and sinking in, and by now I feel fairly recovered.

Spending a day and a half talking about nothing but exploratory testing was of course very stimulating and inspiring. Everyone took part actively and contributed in a unique way. My fellow peers provided me with ideas, hints, tips, tool suggestions and general encouragement that really gave me a push forwards as a tester. 

The best thing though was the shared joy of testing.

Thank you everyone.

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