21 December, 2010

The Sound of Testing

I believe in The Testing Zone  - it is the closest I ever get to my testing dream world. For me the enchanted doorway that lets me into the zone is music. But selecting the proper soundtrack for the test session is a delicate task.
Rapid, exploratory regression testing requires something upbeat. My preferred choice is The Sisters of Mercy in general and the track This Corrosion in particular. Rammstein usually does the trick too.
Exploring new functionality or previously uncharted territory needs something a bit less intense, but still catchy – Johnny Cash and Get Rhythm is always a good choice here.
Careful investigations of not-understood behaviours beg for something slow and subtle, such as Ane Brun.
When selecting music it is also important not to neglect the E-factor. ‘E’ as in total embarrassment that is. Some music really grabs me and it might happen that I starting singing out loud or – heavens forbid – making small dance moves. That kind of music is banned in the lab. Sorry Fischerspooner, home use only!
I have not started practising it yet, but I also think every new delivery deserves a theme song. For the next one I think I will pick Verdi’s Nabucco for that special grandiose feeling. It is bound to set the right mood!