03 November, 2010

When I dream

Trying to fall asleep last night I had all sorts of thoughts popping up in my head, and since I know not to trust my brain around bed time I jotted down some notes and a little sketch to review in the morning.

The sketch was certainly more glorious in my head - there were no stick figures, but real people and it was all very colourful and alive. I could really feel the cape billowing in the wind. Anyway, it captures how I like to view The Software Tester. What is missing though is the tester's attribute, what should be held in the outstretched hand? Suggestions are welcome.

Oh...I've been a developer and I do project management. There.

1 comment:

  1. Lovely sketch!
    And it isn't only a dream.
    It's like I, and many with me, have said: "The better testing, the more creativity you have to put in. Programmers are often misled to think that what they do is the creative stuff; but hey, it's they that must follow the specifications..."