30 June, 2011

Craving conferences

On beautiful summer days like these, I have to admit that the main thing on my mind is being out in the sunshine, preferably eating ice-cream! However, I am also starting to feel keen ongoing to another test conference. Luckily, the late summer and fall look very promising.

For starters there is CAST 2011 which is held in Seattle by the Association for Software Testing in early August. The theme is "Context-Driven Testing", and I am of course going together with some colleagues - how could I resist the opportunity to hear about, and discuss, context-driven testing with like-minded people?  It will be a blast!

Then I am proud to announce that I am speaking together with Michael Albrecht at the STARWEST conference, October 2-7, in Anaheim, California. I am especially happy to be able to provide North America with some Swedish test thinking. Why don't you join us? Register using special promo code SKWS and save up to $600 if you register by Super Early Bird August 5th! Click here to register online.

Like most people around the office, I cannot wait for my vacation to start, but I am really looking forward to coming back to an exciting fall!

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